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What is the difference between residential and non-residential static caravans. 

Regal Kensington 2016 40x14 2 bed Reverse lounge

What is the difference between residential and non-residential Static Caravans? Official Build Standards: EN1647 or BS3632 When venturing into the world of static caravans, whether for holiday purposes or as a permanent residence, you’ll likely come across two main standards: EN1647 and BS3632. These standards are not just random numbers; they are crucial in determining […]

Pitfalls When Buying A Static Caravan

Swift Ardennes Static Caravan External

Common Pitfalls When Buying a Static Caravan Common Pitfalls to Avoid: Mistakes to Watch Out for When Buying a Static Caravan Location, Location, Location: It’s a phrase often echoed in real estate, and it holds true for static caravans as well. The geographical location of a holiday park plays a pivotal role in determining the […]

Size of Static Caravans

Willerby Salsa static caravan lounge

What Sizes Are Static Caravans Made? What sizes are Static Caravans made?  We look at the mainstream caravan manufactures and what they offer. What is the smallest static caravan manufactured? 28 Feet Long and 10 Feet Wide.  What is the largest static caravan available? This is an interesting question, when referring to a ‘single’ caravan […]

Static Caravan Pricing

Willerby Winchester static caravan

Price of Static Caravans – Factors to Consider Why does the price of the same static caravan differ so much? Buying a static caravan is often a thrilling endeavour, marking the beginning of countless holidays and cherished memories. However, the journey to finding the perfect holiday home can be complex, with prices varying dramatically from […]

Winterise Your Static Caravan

Static Caravan in a snowy winter scene

Winterising your static caravan involves several steps to protect it from freezing temperatures, dampness, pests, and other related risks.

How to choose a Holiday Park?

static caravans located on a holiday park

How to Choose the Perfect Holiday Park Embarking on the journey of selecting the perfect holiday park for your static caravan, amidst the vast array of options in the UK, requires thoughtful consideration of various factors. Beyond the basic considerations of location and park size, aspects such as facilities, community dynamics, and personal preferences play […]

What is the best Static Caravan

Regal Charmouth Static Caravan Lounge located at Caldecott Hall

What is the best Static Caravan? What is the best Static Caravan? Here are some of the most popular static caravan manufacturers.  Willerby Willerby has a long history of manufacturing static caravans and holiday homes in the UK. They offer a wide range of models, from entry-level to luxury options, known for their innovative design […]

What to think about when buying a Static Caravan

What to think about when buying a static caravan

What to think about when buying a Static Caravan? The Park, Location Matters.📍The park’s location is crucial. Choose a park within easy travel distance if you plan to visit regularly.Facilities. Assess the park’s facilities. ⛳️🏊Are there too many or too few for your needs? Paying for unused amenities can add up, and insufficient recreational options […]